Sports medicine Pathway

The vision of the Sports Medicine Pathway is to offer students the opportunity to study about Allied Heath careers in order to prepare students to continue their education at the post-secondary level in pursuit of an allied health or medical career  We stress career exploration and hands-on health care coursework.

Helix Sports Medicine students will engage in whole-body anatomy and physiology as a basis for understanding the processes involved in injury treatment, management, and healing.  Students will be introduced to medical terminology and learn evaluation techniques for common disease and injuries, particularly sports injuries.  Students learn strategies for injury rehabilitation and recovery.  Hands-on laboratories with state-of-the art equipment are an integral part of the course.   

The Competitive 

Students discovering their futures!

Top 8 Sports Med Jobs

  • Strength & Conditioning Coach.

  • Sports Physician

  • Sports Psychologist

  • Athletic Trainer

  • Physical Therapist

  • Sports Nutritionist

  • Biomechanist

  • Personal Trainer

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