How Can You Support Helix's CTE EDGE?

Career Technology Programs need help from industry to help support our curriculum.  We want to create an environment where students get exposed to the latest industry standards in Business/Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, Sports Medicine, Engineering and Education.  Our goals are to create an educated diverse workforce that can support themselves and educated themselves at the highest levels.  Want to get involved?  Contact us and we will set up a meeting. CLICK HERE

Mission Statement: Helix Charter High School provides a comprehensive education that prepares all students to graduate college-ready and equipped to reach their personal and academic potential.


Vision Statement: In a college preparatory environment, Helix Charter High School strives to close the achievement gap through effective collaboration and innovative practices.


Values and Beliefs:


At Helix Charter High School:

1.     We believe that all students can learn and become contributing members of society.

2.     We value each student as an individual and therefore create curriculum, instructional activities, assessments, and feedback systems focused on providing learning opportunities that enable students to achieve success.

3.     We value the diverse ideas, values, and cultures that enrich our school system.

4.     We value a safe and supportive learning environment that promotes student achievement.

5.     We believe that the allocation of our resources should be aligned with our mission and vision in order to maximize the opportunity for students to learn and experience success in school.

6.     We believe that the success of our school depends on the commitment of all staff (administrators, teachers, and support staff) to high quality standards, expectations, and performances.

7.     We believe that students need to not only develop a deep understanding of essential knowledge and skills, but also need to develop the capacity to apply their learning, reason, solve problems, and produce quality work.

8.     We believe effective collaboration and communication with families as partners in the education of their students is essential to the success of our school.

9.     We value a comprehensive education that provides students with multiple opportunities and connections to build relationships and engage with their school.

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