Engineering (Architecture) Pathway

EDGE Students have a strong desire to solve problems using math, science, and technology.  Students will collaborate and learn from industry partners inspiring students to innovate, design and build solutions to address current and future global challenges.  

The Engineering Pathway at Helix Charter exposes students to real-world problem-solving in aspects of Civil, Mechanical, Structural, an Aerospace Engineering.  In the pathway, we also expose students to architecture, landscape design and product development and manufacturing.  Students will develop skills in several Autodesk products, including, Autocad, Revit, inventor, and Fusion 360.  

Students will understand the roles of engineers and architects through project planning, site planning, building design, project documentation and presentation, and product design.  

Engineers and architects find solutions to pending problems.  At Helix, we encourage students to step inside the world of an Engineer, adopt a problem-solving mindset and take a leap form being a thinker to a doer. We engage students in real-world problems an expose them to the industry through guest speakers, field trips, internships and after school clubs, like ACE (Architecture Construction & Engineering), and MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement).    

The Competitive 

Students discovering their futures!

Top 7 In-Demand Engineering Jobs

  • Civil Engineer 

  • Drafter

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Biomedical Engineer

  • Architect (Residential/Commercial)

  • Petroleum Engineer

  • Construction

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