Computer Science Pathway

Top 5 In-Demand Computer Science Jobs

  • Application Developer

  • Sales Representative

  • Systems Software Developer

  • Computer System Analyst

  • Computer Support Specialist

EDGE students have a strong desire to solve problems using math, science and technology.  Students will collaborate and learn from industry partners inspiring students to innovate, design and build solutions to address current and future global changes.  

Computer Science experience has become imperative for today's students and the workforce of tomorrow.  Integrating the use of technology in all classes, students in this EDGE Pathway learn advanced computer science skills including software and system development, mobile app design, coding and programming, and more.  

The Competitive 

Students discovering their futures!

The Helix EDGE Computer Science courses teach programming concepts and theory to make learning come alive.  The Computer Science Pathway equips students with the personal, analytical, technical and communications skills they need to thrive in IT as well as the digital multi-media skills and experiences needed to function in today's world, whether in higher-education, professional careers or everyday life.  

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