Michael Harris

CFA, Trivant Custom Portfolio Group

Michael has almost two decades of experience in the area of investment management.  Prior to joining TriVant, Michael worked as a trader, research analyst and portfolio manger at two Southern California-based high net worth investment firms.  His previous firm, of which he was a member for six years manged over $800 million in assets.  

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Dr. Javier Ayala

CFA, CTE Crossmont College

Javier , or "Dr. J" oversees 63 vocational departments and programs, including administration of justice, business technology, child development, computer science and information systems, culinary arts, and hospitality, along with health and workforce initiatives and non-credit instruction. 


Mike Cully

CFA, San Diego North Economic Development Council

Mike has served at all program, fundraising, executive and leadership levels, and has a breadth of perspective and experience; he brings a passion for service, a collaborative drive for excellence and a creative, entrepreneurial zest to our growing organization.  

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