Mrs. Kathryn Welch

Mrs. Welch serves our community through the Sports Medicine Pathway.  Our state of the art Sports Medicine facility coupled with the leadership of Mrs. Welch has led to sound partnerships in our local community and colleges.  With a full compliment of Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity sports programs, there is never a shortage of need for medical coverage and athlete care.  Mrs. Welch not only serves as our lead educator, but she is also our Certified Athletic Trainer and a clinical instructor at Point Loma Nazarene University.   

Mrs. Jennifer Bullock

Mrs. Bullock, M.A. in Geographical Information Science and Technology, is the Engineering (& Architecture) lead educator and a CTE TOSA (Coordinator). Courses in this pathway include CAD, MESA, Advanced CAD, Robotics and GIS.  She has taught at one of the first STEM academy schools in Texas where she worked with core teachers to develop a book for teachers on Project Based Learning. Mrs. Bullock also teaches Continuing Education courses in GIS at University of San Diego.  At Helix she facilitates,  ACE Club (  Students interested in Architecture, Construction or Engineering engage with industry mentors through fields trips, hand-on projects, and a capstone building design project where they get to show off their ACE skills.  Students in ACE are eligible for scholarships.  Last year Bullock attended LDI (Leadership Develop Institute) In Sacramento and currently helps coordinate CTE efforts on campus.  

Mrs. Paula Ann Trevino

Mrs. Tevino is the administrative lead and responsible for supporting the pathways and working closely with the CTE TOSA.  Additionally she manages grant monies and gears her efforts towards the 11 Essential Elements of a CTE Program.  

Mrs. Christina Potter

Christina Potter is the Helix librarian and EDGE Lab supervisor. She helped establish the EDGE Lab in order to support CTE pathways in Business/Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, and Engineering, and to give students an opportunity to get hands-on experience with 21st Century technologies. In addition to facilitating class visits to the lab, she teaches a Maker Lab elective that is an optional course for several of the EDGE pathways.  

Mr. Giff Asimos

As a founding member of the EDGE Program, Mr. Asimos continues in a leadership role as the Perkins Grant Coordinator and all-around innovative member of the team.  The Business/Entrepreneurship Pathway at Helix was founded and built through his leadership.  Mr. Asimos supports the program through instructing courses in Accounting, Small Business Economics and Entrepreneurship as well as teaching a variety of dual-enrollment/college courses. Mr. Asimos has a passion for economic and financial literacy, and has forged strong partnerships in the community.  


Ms. Debi Byrd

Coming Soon

Ms. Dianne Damschen

Ms. Damschen serves as the lead of the Computer Science Department .  Her leadership has seen growth in courses in a variety of technology related subjects such as coding, web-page development, and computer science.  These technology based courses are also closely tied to our EDGE Lab of innovation and creativity.  

Ms. Melanie Harrington


Mr. Eric Ginsberg

Eric Ginsberg, M.A. in Education, is an educator and San Diego Area Writing Project Fellow with a myriad of experiences teaching in high schools and universities. He teaches English at Helix Charter High School and credential/master’s level courses for SDSU’s School of Teacher Education (STE), as well as leading the single subject 3SB cohort. In addition, he develops and teaches online professional development courses for educators at the University of San Diego and has taught online undergraduate courses at Ashford University. He was awarded Helix Charter’s Golden Apple in 2013 and was recognized as the most influential Faculty by the SDSU STE 2019 Grad Student of the Year.  

Mrs. Amanda Dolphin

M.A. Teaching and Learning, is a French teacher and Foreign Language Department Chairperson at Helix Charter High School. After receiving her Bachelor's degree from Michigan State University in 2003, she spent a year in Lyon, France as a guest English language teacher in the Assistant de Langue Program, serving two public junior high schools. Since 2005, she has taught all levels of French, including at the community college level. She is credentialed to teach grades K-12 French and Spanish. She brings a variety of practical teaching techniques and perspectives gleaned from her experiences across grade levels, languages, and educational systems. She is also an instructor at the University of San Diego, Division of Professional and Continuing Education. She develops and instructs courses for educators nationwide to improve upon their teaching practice through thoughtful professional development. 

Mr. Julio Torres

I am here to provide guidance about the equipment in the EDGE Lab and the software associated with it. I want to encourage students to use the equipment and promote creativity so that the students create their own projects. I will assist students ,resolve problems that arise with either the equipment or the software, as well as promoting the idea that making mistakes is part of the learning process and this should not drive the students away from any of the equipment. 

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