Helix EDGE:  Explore-Develop-Gain-Earn

What is Helix EDGE?  

Helix EDGE is an opportunity  for students to gain a Career Technical Education (CTE) that consists of a multi-year sequence of academic and technical courses to prepare students for a full range of post-secondary options.  

Helix Charter's CTE Pathways

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business final 2
computer sci final
Education finished

Career Technical Education (CTE) consists of a multi-year sequence of academic and technical study to prepare students for a full range of post secondary options within each of the pathways.  Helix students will be able to explore career options by linking their academics with hands-on relevant skills they will need to be successful in today's and the future economy.  

What are the benefits of the Helix EDGE Program?

  • Opportunities to earn college credit (dual credit) in high school

  • Ability to earn industry-recognized credentials and certifications

  • Hands-on experiences by linking rigorous curriculum to industry standards.  

Research has shown that students who connect to the relevance of what they are learning academically and how their course work aligns to their educational and occupational goals, achieve greater success in high school and beyond.


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